Monday, May 3, 2010

From the Perspective of our Youth

I stand on the deck and watch the sun smear the horizon reddish yellow. I feel the breeze tap on my forearm. I watch kids who call Community LINC home. They run in the parking lot, shoot basketball, discuss school, I notice a teen boy flirt with a teen girl, and I witness one who is increasingly becoming reclusive. I, too, call Community LINC home. My wife and I are house parents and live in one of the apartments. In addition we volunteer and teach the teens on Thursday nights. Perched on the second floor deck I view the Community LINC youths from a different perspective. As the day collapses into night, I realize our culture often ignores homeless youth, and I wonder what they think about Community LINC, homelessness, and the world they dwell in. I asked them, and I am surprised by the answers. . .
- Joel Paul, Community LINC houseparent

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